jc__chasez's Journal

Joshua Scott Chasez
8 August
Joshua Scott Chasez was born on 8th August 1976 in Washington DC under the star sign Leo. As a thirteen-year-old, JC began his career in show business. Along with childhood friend Kacy, some girls they knew asked him to enter a talent competition. They won! And there was no looking back. JC soon realized to his surprise that he no longer wanted to work in construction or with antique cars (his initial ambitions) but rather in show business. Despite being a shy child he was rapidly gaining in confidence and after taking roles in local theater productions he leapt at the chance to take part in an audition for the successful Mickey Mouse Club on the Disney Channel. Although, at that time, JC hadn't had any experience in show business he delivered a perfect performance. The talent scouts were so enthusiastic about JC's talents that they offered him the job of presenter of the show.

In the early '90s he was a Mousekateer and even played Clarence "Wipeout" Adams on Emerald Cove, a soap opera aired within The Mickey Mouse Club. By 2004 he was hiring the slick and ultrahip Basement Jaxx to produce his album. In between he was a star player in one of the biggest teen acts pop ever experienced. JC Chasez's favorite color is orange, his favorite Spice Girl is Mel B., and the thing he liked most about being on The Mickey Mouse Club were the friendships he made with other MMC members, most notably Justin Timberlake. Chasez and Timberlake remained in close contact after the show ended in 1994 and often tossed around the idea of performing together. When vocal coach Chris Kirkpatrick called Timberlake in hopes of forming an a cappella group, he suggested adding Chasez and *NSYNC was born.

Their first album made some impact, but it was their second proper album, No Strings Attached, that marked both the beginning of mass *NSYNC hysteria and Chasez's songwriting and producing career. He was soon writing and producing for pop acts Boyz & Girlz United and Wild Orchid and continued his behind-the-scenes work for *NSYNC's massive third album, Celebrity. After Celebrity and its tours, *NSYNC took a break, but just like longtime friend Timberlake, Chasez was hardly idle. He used the time off to quietly work on his writing and production skills while watching Timberlake storm up the charts. Going public again in late 2002 with a song on the Drumline soundtrack ("Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)") Chasez was now working with co-producer Dallas Austin, the man behind a string of TLC hits. A guest spot on Basement Jaxx's Kish Kash a year later helped broaden the singer's audience and expectations for a full album grew. Timberlake and Janet Jackson's breast-revealing Super Bowl stunt got Chasez unceremoniously dropped from his duties as halftime entertainer at the Pro Bowl just as he was releasing his debut. Pro Bowl gig or not, Schizophrenic grabbed the media's attention when it dropped in early 2004 because of an exciting lineup of producers (Chasez, Austin, Basement Jaxx, BT) and the racy kickoff single, "Some Girls (Dance With Women)."

[The person behind this journal is not really JC Chasez. It is just one of his fans playing him in a roleplay community called must_be_pop. The real JC would not have the time to keep a journal of this type. Any journal the man might have would more than likely be kept private.

The bio is taken from here. Another source used for information and news is two of us.

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